Monday, April 5, 2010

lots of paperwork

I feel a bit bogged-down by paperwork. I'm usually the type that procrastinates any kind of paperwork until the last possible minute. Unfortunately, with Visa and Passport forms, there's kind of a deadline. I'm pretty sure I was about 2 weeks late for everything I was supposed to send. Ooops, sorry Peace Corps!

My last day of work was on Thursday. It definitely feels pretty great to be done. 3 1/2 years at shopbop was just about enough for me. It was a cushy job, but I was getting pretty sick of it. And now I can get everything done that I need to before leaving and see family and friends.

I'm flip-flopping between being super freaked out about going and being super excited. I guess that's somewhat natural, or at least I hope it is. I was feeling pretty guilty about not just feeling 100% pure excitement. But then some people I love very much reminded me that it's very natural to be freaking out a bit. When I was moving to Spain my sophomore year of college, my Dad gave me a nice little nugget of wisdom. He said that if I wasn't sad about leaving people I love, it says bad things about the people I'm leaving. Or something like. Ha, he said it way better. I'm an expert at retelling things very badly.

Anyway, time to start my taxes. Back to the procrastination thing.


  1. Megan, My daughter Catherine is currently a SUR15 Peace Corps volunteer on the upper Suriname River...she is enjoying her time in Suriname as I am sure you will. Just take a day at a time. My husband has a nugget of is "If you don't go you can't come back". Enjoy.

  2. We kinda didn't get invited until a couple of weeks ago, so we're doing all the last minute freaking out because the last minute is all the time we have. Meh, we'll all make it just fine. Looking forward to meeting you!

  3. Well I look forward to meeting your daughter! It looks like such a beautiful place to live. And yeah, it's been kind of hectic. I only found out about 3 weeks ago also and I definitely thought I'd have more time to prepare. Oh well!