Sunday, July 4, 2010

June 30

Only 2 weeks left of training. I know that a lot is going to change, and change can make me somewhat anxious, but I think it'll be really good. I think the hard things (at least the things that will be harder than where I am right now) about where I'm going will be: I won't have electricity, I don't get to meet up with the other volunteers every few days, I don't have someone to cook for me. The things I'm looking for are: I don't have someone cooking for me (ok, I don't get to be as lazy, but I get to make whatever I want!), I'll have my own place, my community is super awesome, no more training assignments, and I'll feel like I'm really starting this! I just think it's going to be super different from training, but once I adjust to it, I think it'll be really good.

On a not so good note, today was the day of my Grandma's funeral. She died about 2 weeks ago. She was nearly 99 years old, so it was definitely expected. When I left I said goodbye to her, but it was still really sad. She's just always been in my life, and it's strange knowing that she's just not there anymore. Last Friday I got a package from my family and there was a bunch of photos in it, one of Grandma and I, the last time I saw her. When I saw the photo I just started crying. I think dealing with things from home while here is really hard.

Anyway, here's a happy thought so I don't leave it on a sad note. I saw a wild boar chasing a rooster today. I laughed out loud. He's technically a wild boar, but he's my family's pet, named Kucha. So, it wasn't completely crazy to see him chasing a rooster. His bristly hair was standing on end, making a funny sort of pig mohawk. I love that pig. He's pretty cool. The other morning I found him in my wash house, and it made me laugh when I realized how normal that was for me right now: finding a pig in my wash house.


  1. So sorry to hear about your grandma. Megan P. sent me the notice from the FdL newspaper. I have great memories of going to your cabin with granny and how she told me I had good teeth. Hope all is well!

  2. Yeah, she was a pretty great lady. I'm surprised she didn't try to force-feed you a banana or pinch your tummy.